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St. Valentines Days in Vilnius


This holiday is not only an opportunity to declare love, but also an occasion to refresh existing relationship. We kindly invite loving couples to hide in a cozy Vilnius, capital of Lithuania and last place of Europe were pagan culture was transformed to christianity. Romantic dinner will help to remember all the best moments spent together.


A strip of solitary sand dunes that extend for some 60km, a mound of wooden crosses so high it defies belief, an eclectic, electric capital city that looks as if it were built in the 17th century; Lithuania’s charms are quirky, unforgettable and often very beautiful. This southernmost of the three Baltic countries – which include Latvia and Estonia – definitely deserves to appear on more travellers’ bucket lists. Here below is a list of our 10 favourite things to see and do.

we kindly invite you to visit three northern European countries east of the Baltic Sea – Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Since these countries left Soviet Union they are called BALTIC STATES. This region have historically been in the Swedish (or, in Lithuania's case, Polish), German (historically: The Holy Roman Empire and Saxony), Danish, and Russian spheres of influence. Because of that, these countries are perfect mix of cultures, but also very unique. For example Lithuania was the last of European countries that kept pagonian religion and first one to refuse Soviet regime. Here you can find all types of architecture, enjoy nature and meet amazing people.