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Charming places of nature » Horseback riding
If you like horseback riding, then you know perfectly the pleasure of riding a trained pure-breed horse in picturesque setting. There are more than 30 horse ranches and horse riding centres in Lithuania. A number of rural tourism homesteads also have several horses for riding. Horse ranches usually raise horses of the following breed: Arabic, Trakėnų, Hanover, American, Russian, Orlov and their hybrids; the Samagotian and the Punch of Lithuania (the local breeds). Horses raised in Lithuania participate in races organized in different European countries. Practically all horses ranches rent horses for horseback riding; some of them give riding lessons. Almost every ranch offers trips by coach or carriage or by sleigh in wintertime. The horse carriage races in Riešės hippodrome are also a very exciting event.
Horseback riding is one of the most attractive ways to travel and horse routes can be found in nearly all of Lithuania‘s national and regional parks.
The horse race that is organized every first weekend of February in Dusetos has been a national event for over 200 years.