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Charming places of nature » Kernavė - A UNESCO World Heritage Site

The State Kernave Cultural Reserve is a unique site on a European and global scale. Traces of an 11.000-year-old settlement have been discovered there. Priceless exhibits date back to the period from 9000BC to the 18th century and reflect all the historical eras of Lithuania. Owing to famous archaeological finds from old gravesites, an unearthed settlement and medieval town, Kernave can be presented as an exceptional example of urban civilization of the last pagan land in Europe. Only 1.5 %of the protected territory has been explored so far. The medieval period, when Kernave was one of the most important political and economic centers of 13th century Lithuania and its first capital, is most familiar to visitors. Nowhere else will you find five mounds in one place? They afford a picturesque view of Pajauta Valley near the River Neris, where a feudal city once stood. Ancient settlements with their own crafts and lifestyle are brought to life during traditional annual festival of Living Archaeology Days: a campsite of Stone Age hunters presents fire-making and amber-processing technologies, the making of Neolithic amulets and stone axes. The making of dugouts and nets is demonstrated at a fishermen’s campsite. Both spectators and participants enjoy exciting medieval warrior competitions. Everyone willing can make a coin or a pot, learn the recipe for mead, discover the secrets of healing herbs or sink into a hot vat.