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Christmas eve & Christmas

Christmas Eve & First Christmas day

             Preparations for Christmas start early in the morning on Christmas Eve: house cleaned, food prepared for several days. Family members who are away make every effort to come back home. The meal served on Christmas Eve does not include meat, milk products or eggs. It consists of twelve dishes, one for each Jesus Apostle. Everyone is expected to eat some of each dish served.  An extra plate is set for any family member that is not present or had died in the past year. It is believed that that spirit of the departed join the family at the table on this sacred evening. Dinner starts then the sun goes down, everyone is assembled by the table, the head of the family says a prayer of thanksgiving, shares a Christmas wafer with everyone present and wishes them a Merry Christmas. 

As midnight approaches, the uneaten food on the dinner table is left overnight. It is believed that souls of departed family members, relative and ancestors would visit the house during the night and the table set with food would make them welcome.



In the country on Christmas morning, the hay used on the supper table is taken

 to the stable and fed to the cows, oxen and sheep, the animals present at the birth of baby Jesus.

The first day of Christmas is considering the most sacred and, therefore, all unnecessary work is avoiding. Only food is preparing days in advance eat. Much of the morning spent at home singing Christmas hymns and carols. As the day progressed neighbours will start to visit each other and exchange Christmas greetings. And finally, usually at the home of the most prosperous neighbour, the musicians would appearing, signalling the end of the Advent season and the return of entertainment and all types of merrymaking.