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International Festival of Experimental Archaeology & Medieval festival

International Festival of Experimental Archaeology  & Medieval festival



International Festival of Experimental Archaeology  -  there visitors  will be surrounded by the sounds of tanging warriors’ weapons, also they will have a chance to see wares made by skilful craftsmen’ arrived from Lithuania and neighbouring lands, and to listen to the sounds of archaic music. During the event visitors may become acquainted with re-created crafts and lifestyle of prehistoric period and the Early Middle Ages. Visitors will have a chance to chop off piece of flint, to throw and to burn out a clay pot, to mint a coin, to shoot from a bow. Visitors will have a possibility to enjoy an impressive natural and historical environment, to listen to archaic music, to taste some ancient Lithuanian dishes, try various medieval games and funfairs, to observe how grim tortures punishes or even beheads offended town – dwellers. In the medieval town square visitors of the festival will meet craftsmen arrived from 15th -16th century Vilnius Lower castle.

In the temporal workshops artisans for the curious audience will show and explain how the tools of flint, bone and iron were produced in the ancient times. Visitors can get acquainted with twisting of winded bands, fine and exclusive jewellery items, as well as they can try themselves to make a pot from clay or to mint a coin.



On June 7-8 Interesting festival are organized in Trakai castle, it’s called “Medieval festival” on June. All the weekend guests will have a rare opportunity to acquaint with the ancient craft techniques, the acquisition of unique historical heritage of tradition fosters craft products, to taste and try out medieval entertainment. Participants will present archaeological reconstructions from the IX-XII century: Aukštaičiai military clothing and weapons, recovered bone’s and cape’s articles -spindles, darning-needle, hatchet - Žiemgaliai and Curonian’s strips, woven in several archaic forms, and maps. In the festival will participate Vilnius potter shop foremen  who have many years of their apprenticeship, you will have an opportunity to learn  medieval Smithery from blacksmiths from Vilnius, and even Germany. Also you’ll can gouge out a wooden tub or other ancient household utensils - the craftsmen will show you how to do that. You will be acquainted with the old technique of stained glass and bookbindery, learned the fishing creel’s plaiting and sewing networks.