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Smelt of Palanga

“Smelt of Palanga”


Every year, on February weekend you have a chance to celebrate traditional festival in Palanga “Smelt of Palanga” which allure you with fried, pickled and smoked fish, will introduce the fishing traditions from Palanga Bridge and there are organized smelt fishing competition from sea bridge with traditional rods for guests. This is not the only one competition, also you can participate in a smell eating competition , take part in various organized games and listen to folklore songs about fishing, to familiarize with the fishing tools and technology, taste the smelt prepared in different ways or simply pass the time happily.

                      During the event smelt meals are prepared and served not only in the cafes, but just directly in J. Basanavičiaus Street, outdoor kitchens. It is possible to taste different meals made of smelt not only during the event but during the whole February in the cafes with a special sign – a stylized smelt which informs what exactly in this institution the guests cant taste smelt.