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The CALENDAR of all events

January (Sausis)
New Year's Day
1 January, a national holiday.
Three Kings day
Three Kings Day is celebrated on January 6th, twelve days after Christmas. It is often viewed as the last day of the Christmas season.
February (Vasaris)
Sartai Horse Cart Race
A traditional Lithuanian trotting-race being organized on one of the largest lakes of Lithuania the Sartai Lake since 1905.
Day of Restoration of Statehood of Lithuania (1918)
16 February, a national holiday.
“Smelt of Palanga”
It’s a celebration with fried, pickled and smoked fish, and the fishing traditions from Palanga Bridge
“Užgavėnės” (Shrove Tuesday)
Shrove Tuesday is a merry carnival. It is celebrated on Tuesday, the eve of Ash Wednesday, to mark the winter’s end.
St. Valentine's Day
14 th February , - a day of love celebrated in schools, pubs, restaurants, shops, offices and streets with read-heart balloons, love cards etc.
March (Kovas)
Kaziukas' Fair
Kaziukas fair – is a particular spring festival, with joyful and good mood, national Lithuanian folk culture, songs, dances, and our ancestor’s traditions. During the festival the streets are filled with wood carvings, metal sculptures, ceramics and local textiles.
Day of Restoration of Independence of Lithuania (1990)
11 March, a national holiday.
April (Balandis)
On this holiday the Christian elements (the Resurrection of Christ) merges with pagan Lithuanian traditions, the rebirth of nature The Holly Week begins on Palm Sunday when the all the Christian world celebrates Jesus' noble entry into Jerusalem on the last Sunday before Easter.
May (Gegužė)
 Mother’s day
1st Sunday in May
June (Birželis)
Pažaislis” Music Festival
The music show that continues longest in Lithuania is the Pažaislis Music Festival in Kaunas which each year lasts for 3 months.
Joninės” (Midsummer’s Day /Feast of St. John)
23 June, - also known by the names of Cupola or Dew, a national holiday which falls when the shortest night of the year comes with its own brand of magic, recalling the ancient rites of the pagans. It is the time of bonfires and gatherings, folk songs and ritual dancing throughout Lithuania.
Medieval Trakai
An annual festival, taking place at the castle of Trakai, full of magic rituals, folklore music and the music of the Middle Ages. Knights' fights with swords, bats and battleaxes.
Klaipeda Jazz Festival (Castle Festival)
It is the international event and has the status of the city festival. The motto of the festival is "Good music for good people". It reflects the purpose of the festival for the jazz and world music lovers of various ages, educational background, music taste in Klaipeda city and in the whole Republic of Lithuania.
July (Liepa)
Lithuania's Day of Statehood
an annual public holiday in Lithuania celebrated on July 6 to commemorate the coronation in 1253 of Mindaugas as the first and only King of Lithuania.
The St. Christopher's Summer Festival
Music and theatre premiers, outstanding projects and concerts arranged in the ambience of unique Vilnius architecture.
Song celebration of Lithuania
The traditions and symbolism of three Baltic States’ song and dance festivals was proclaimed by UNESCO as the masterpiece of the oral and intangible heritage of humanity.
Days of Living History and Archaeology
An outdoor festival in Kernave, during which Lithuanians recreate life as it was, live in ancient villages and practice prehistoric crafts including food preparation and cooking, fur and amber processing, medieval iron smelting, coin minting and weapons production.
Klaipeda Sea Festival
Concerts, exhibitions, fairs and picnics on ships in Lithuania's port city.
August (Rugpjūtis)
Day of Assumption of the Blessed Virgin (Žolines)
15 August, a national holiday - Worshippers, families and individual travellers are visiting various places where miracles or manifestations are said to have taken place
September (Rugsėjis)
The Days of the Capital
A traditional festival of Vilnius, involving festivities of diverse popular genres – carnivals, fairs, concerts, fireworks, taking place in all streets and squares of the capital.
International Vilnius Theatre Festival “Sirenos”
Production of the European theatre stars and modern Lithuanian stage.
International Festival “Vilnius Jazz”
a jazz festival called a threshold between East and West – foreign jazz reviewers affirm it to be the centre of music, embodying the trends of modern jazz
October (Spalis)
31 October, a night merriment, a ghost and vampire carnival in streets and pubs, extremely enjoyed by the Lithuanian youth.
Vilnius Jazz Festival
The annual international contemporary jazz festival in Vilnius, Lithuania aims to inform Lithuanian jazz fans about the European and world modern jazz trends—new, modern and progressive.
November (Lapkritis)
All Saints' Day (Vėlinės)
November 1 is set aside as a day to recognize the souls of the dead.
December (Gruodis)
Christmas eve & Christmas
24-25-26  December - holiday commemorating the birth of Jesus