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The Klaipėda sea festival

The Klaipėda sea festival


The Klaipėda sea festival is conducted every year in Klaipėda city in Lithuania last weekend of July. The third largest city in Lithuania is situated in the west of Lithuania. The location of it on the coast of the Baltic Sea and the Curonian lagoon is where the entire place got its fame.

The Klaipėda sea festival draws nearly half a million people every year and there is a great deal of variety that can be found in it every year. Each year brings with it a different flavor and style to the Klaipėda sea festival. Many local dishes are made and served right on the street and if you are interested and really keen about tasting the authentic flavor of Lithuanian cuisine and Lithuanian beer called ‘Švyturys.’ The most popular feature of the Klaipėda sea festival are the arts and crafts stores put up by over three hundred craftsmen and artists who come to the festival every year. Apart from this, the talented musicians who attend the Klaipėda sea festival every year play various genres of music. Some of these forms of music include and are not limited to classical, country, jazz, pop, rock, etc.

The Klaipėda sea festival involves a solid seventy-two hours of non-stop trading and collection of souvenirs. The metal crafts and carvings of wood made by the hand are a very good buy and you can always get extremely good deals on these. Apart form shopping, the Klaipėda sea festival is also very famous for the Baltic Sprint Cup regatta and other international sailing events like the Baltic Sailing. The entire place is beautifully decorated and artists and painters paint the old town of Klaipėda. This is the time when all the sailors bask in the limelight and enjoy a lot of attention and get the importance due to them. The Klaipėda sea festival is also the time when people experience and soak in the maritime traditions. During this period, many old ships are also examined and restored. It is a great way to make new friends and you can also choose to be a guest or a trainee for a day.